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Salient points of press conference of BJP National President Shri J.P. Nadda in Hyderabad (Telengana)


Date: 04/01/2022

Salient points of the press conference of BJP National President, Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda ji against the undemocratic rule of TRS government at BJP Office, Nampally (Hyderabad), Telangana

Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, National President of Bharatiya Janata Party addressed an important press conference on Tuesday at State BJP Office, Nampally (Hyderabad), Telangana and fiercely attacked the KCR government, terming it the murderer of democracy. In this press conference, Union Minister of State for Home Shri G. Kishan Reddy and State BJP in-charge and National General Secretary of the party, Shri Tarun Chugh along with many senior party leaders and office-bearers were also present. It may be known that in protest against the immoral and undemocratic arrest of Telangana State BJP President Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar ji, Honorable National President ji was going to hold a peaceful candlelight march today, but the Telangana government, fearing the increasing popularity of BJP, imposed section 144; hours before the Honorable National President ji reached Hyderabad.

Salient points of press conference:

● Today, I’m here to show my solidarity in the fight that the Telangana BJP is fighting for the people and employees of the state. The situation of the KCR government of Telangana was exposed at that time. I asked the Joint Commissioner of Police – Do we have the permission now? He answered that he didn’t know. That means that the administration was bent upon stopping me, but did not have any answer. The Joint Commissioner of Police of the state informed me at the airport that the Govt has ordered the COVID norms. I informed him that we will follow all norms and will pay our respects to Gandhi Ji’s statue and will pray for strengthening of our democracy.

● Bharatiya Janata Party is a disciplined party and we postponed our candlelight rally knowing that all this exercise is just to stop the BJP’s protest, although we could have held this rally following all the Covid-19 norms.

● The KCR government is running in a non-democratic way. It is the most undemocratic party. The way the KCR government has murdered democracy in Telangana in the last two days, it should be strongly condemned. The KCR government is a dictatorial government which runs on the principle of dynasty, familism and appeasement politics. Bharatiya Janata Party has been fighting against the ideology of dynasty, familism and appeasement politics from the beginning and we will continue to fight against it till we uproot this undemocratic TRS government of Telangana.

● GO 317 of Telangana government is totally anti-employee and anti-people. As a responsible opposition, it becomes our responsibility to fight their battle for the employees, for the people of the state, for the tribals and take it to a decisive juncture. We were raising the voice of the people in a peaceful manner. It is a matter of fact that ministers of the KCR government are holding public meetings, rallies and demonstrations everywhere, but Covid norms do not apply to them! But as soon as it comes to BJP, various tactics are adopted by the state government to stop it.

● Bandi Sanjay Kumar Ji had decided to do a peaceful protest. He organized an overnight Jagaran protest at his office. On the pretext of COVID, police broke into his office by destroying steel doors. They fired tear gas & water cannons, manhandled Sanjay Ji & lathicharged the BJP karyakartas. Several women karyakartas were brutally beaten also. This is really disturbing and highly condemnable.

● Telangana CM has lost his sense of proportion, the way he’s behaving it is highly undemocratic. Dharnas have been stopped – by govt orders – and the HC had to intervene. This is the sad state of affairs of Telangana as a state. KCR is furious and has lost his cool. Ever since the BJP’s victory in Dubagga and defeat in Huzurabad, perhaps the KCR government has lost its mental balance. We will continue to fight against the dictatorial, corrupt and undemocratic government of KCR.

● The TRS government in Telangana is deeply engulfed in corruption. This is the most corrupt state government in the country. The Kaleshwaram project is like an ATM for the KCR government. Kaleshwaram has become an ATM for KCR. The original project was of Rs 36,000 crore. Now the project has become worth Rs 1,20,000 crore. The water has only reached his farmhouse, and nowhere else. The Palamuru Rangareddy & Mission Bhagiratha projects are also ready and have been inaugurated, but not a drop of water has reached the people. There are many such examples which underline the corruption saga of the KCR government.

● The way KCR has arrested Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar ji, so I would say that he is trying to destroy the Opposition in a highly undemocratic manner and by violating all Constitutional norms . This is a crusade, we will fight this battle democratically till we succeed. We will take all legal courses and use all democratic methods to fight this battle. The BJP will not stop despite any challenge.

● It is our responsibility to expose the scams and immoral acts of the KCR government. Corona is just an excuse, in fact the main objective of the KCR government is to suppress the voice of the people of Telangana, but the TRS government cannot suppress it. People will soon overthrow the KCR government.

Mahendra Kumar

(Office Secretary)

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