Salient points of speech : BJP National President Shri J.P. Nadda addressing public meetings in Modakurichi & Karaikudi(Tamil Nadu).


Date: 03/04/2021

Salient points of speech of Hon’ble BJP National President Sh Jagat Prakash Nadda while addressing public rallies in Modakurichi & Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu)


  • This is a land of rich culture. It is a revolutionary land as in the 1800s, the Polygar wars were fought against the Britishers. We also remember that Lord Murugan has been blessing this land. I pray to Lord Murugan that Tamil Nadu should become more prosperous.


  • We know Tamil is one of the oldest languages. A rich language and a rich culture. The Tamil being one of the oldest languages, it has given direction not only to India and this land of Tamil Nadu, but to the entire world. I feel around that our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi invoked the sayings of the famous Tamil poet and philosopher, Kaniyan Pungundranar to emphasise the essence of India’s unity in diversity at the highest political platform in the world, the United Nations General Assembly. Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi quoting Kaniyan Pungundranar at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) said ‘Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir‘ which means that we have a sense of belonging to everyplace and to everyone. We are all one.


  • When I am talking about the development which is led by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and here in Tamil Nadu led by the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) government. On the other hand, our opponents are trying to defame the land of Tamil Nadu.


  • The Congress and the DMK are parties of dynastic values. Both the parties do not believe in democracy, but they believe in the politics of dynasty. Both these political parties have now been rejected twice by the people of Tamil Nadu and the people of India. And now this is for the third time that the people of Tamil Nadu will reject the DMK, and the Congress party. The politics of opportunism and the politics of dynasty is going to go and democratic parties like the NDA, the AIADMK, the BJP will grow further and because of your Aashirwadam we will go forward.


  • I would also like to make aware the people of Tamil Nadu that whenever the DMK and Congress have come, it has been a politics of corruption, corruption and corruption. They believe in corruption. Their trade is dynastic and their style of functioning is corrupt.


  • In Assam, they (Congress) said we give you five guarantees, but I said, I give you one guarantee that if you come then you will only fo ghotala, ghotala and ghotala.


  • The DMK and Congress both are known for 2G, 3G, 4G and for Jijaji, etc. All this is known. When I say 2G is the corruption by the Maran family for two decades. By 3G means the corruption of the Stalin family for three generations. When I say 4G it is the corruption of four generations of the Congress Gandhi family.


  • What does DMK stand for? D stands for Dynasty, M stands for Money and K stands for Katta Panchayat. DMK is losing and because it is losing, the party is also losing its patience. The statements that DMK is making against Dalits, women, etc is very deplorable. They have to be taught a lesson. This is their frustration that is coming out. Imagine this is their attitude when they are not in power. Imagine what will happen if they come to power?


  • Here I would like to point out that when it comes to save regional aspirations, the DMK has miserably failed. The Congress party has betrayed the regional sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu. That is why it was the UPA government, it was the Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh when notification was issued against Jallikattu. At that time the DMK was in Tamil Nadu. They ignored the sentiments of the people here and today they are asking for votes. The DMK was mum and it was as if they followed what Congress was doing. But you should remember that it was our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi who brought an ordinance and took a stand. So the festival of Jallikattu can take place and the local and regional aspirations were respected. That happened because of the intervention made by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.


  • Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has always cared about the people of Tamil Nadu. Since he became the Prime Minister, shooting on fishermen belonging to Tamil Nadu has stopped at the international water. We are taking care of the fishermen and no problem should come with respect to their livelihood. That also we are taking care of.


  • The decades old demand of the community at Devendra kula. Their long standing demand of giving them the right of Velalar has also been accepted. And now they are a community of Devendra Kula Vellalar.


  • Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is the first prime minister who went to Jaffna in Sri Lanka and went to the place where bombardment had happened and the houses were destroyed. He got those damaged houses re-constructed. Not only that, he deputed our External Affairs Minister, Shri Jaishankar to go to Sri Lanka and see to it that the rights of the Tamil minorities in Sri Lanka should be protected.


  • When the incident of Karuppar Koottam took place, none other than the BJP came forward and launched an agitation. At that point of time, Stalin never condemned that incident. But because of the massive protest by the BJP, even an atheist like Stalin was forced to come forward. That is how we have been protecting Tamil Nadu’s culture and tradition.


  • Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has brought Tamil Nadu in the mainstream. Lot of emphasis is being put on Tamil Nadu. In the 13th Finance Commission under the UPA government, Tamil Nadu got only Rs 94,000 crore, but when Modi came in 2014, Tamil Nadu got Rs 5,42,000 crore, four and a half times more for developing the state under the 14th Finance Commission. This year Tamil Nadu has been allocated Rs 2 lakh crore for the budget of Tamil Nadu for 2021-22.


  • If I talk about Tamil Nadu’s representation at the Centre. Then two of the important cabinet ministers are from Tamil Nadu. The Finance Minister and External Affair Ministers are from Tamil Nadu. The first lady finance minister and first lady defence minister is from Tamil Nadu.


  • The NDA government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Rs 16,000 crore have been allocated for the development of textiles in Tamil Nadu. A defence corridor of Rs 7 lakh crore from Chennai, Hosur, Coimbatore, Trichy and Salem, which will give jobs to youngsters. That project has also been undertaken.


  • Not only this, the medium of instruction in schools till 8th standard will be in the local language. That has been introduced in the National Education Policy. Rs 3,770 core has been allocated for the Chennai Metro. For Mono rail Rs 3,267 crore has been allocated. For railways, Rs 20,000 crore have been allocated for Tamil Nadu. In Mudra loan, the maximum number of beneficiaries are from Tamil Nadu.


  • 11 medical colleges have been declared in Tamil Nadu. AIIMS will come up at Madurai. So when the question of development comes, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has always taken care of Tamil Nadu. We will see to it that Atmanirbhar Bharat and Atmanirbhar Tamil Nadu should happen.


Mahendra Pandey

(Office Secretary)

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